Why Your Support Matters

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, Spotlight is 100% reliant on the support of our community. Every costume, prop, set piece, script, venue rental, etc. is paid for solely by the money we raise through ticket sales, donations, and ad sponsors. Every dollar collected is appreciated more than you know! Unfortunately, theatre is expensive, but we are committed to fundraising efforts and are confident that our community will come together to ensure we have this theatrical outlet for all the residents of Jefferson County to enjoy for years to come!

We LOVE our Donors!

If you want to support our organization in a monetary fashion, consider making a donation. All donations are tax deductible due to our nonprofit status. There is no minimum or maximum to a donation and every dollar collected goes to ensure Spotlight can continue to operate for years to come. 

Own a Local Business?

We LOVE our local business community and provide opportunities for them to put an ad in our programs throughout the year. Ad sponsors are a large part of our operating revenue and essential to keeping Spotlight alive! To find out what this season’s ad sponsor opportunities are, click the button! 

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