What are the Spotlight Community Theatre Policies?

You can find our policies here.

Are there rules of theatre etiquette for audience members?

Audience members should silence all cell phones before the performance starts. If a bathroom break is needed, please wait to leave until a scene change or intermission.

Can anyone be involved in Spotlight?

Absolutely! Most of our programs begin at age 8 but anyone from anywhere can join!

Are background checks done on adults?

Yes! We background check any adult that works with the youth of Spotlight. This background check includes national and county checks.

What kind of help do you need?

We need help in all areas of theatre including but not limited to set construction, set painting, costumes, props, makeup & hair, acting, stage management, front of house, general event volunteers, sound, lights, etc.

How much of a time commitment is it?

It depends on your role and the season, but we always let people know how much time a role generally takes when advertising our needs.

Are there any paid roles?

Currently, Spotlight is an entirely volunteer-based operation. We recognize our volunteers’ time and commitment at the year’s end. Furthermore, if the hours are production-based, thespian points will be earned towards becoming a Spotlight Thespian.

What is a Spotlight Thespian?

A Spotlight Thespian is someone that has earned 50 points total combining onstage and offstage work for our productions. Each point equates to roughly 10 hours so earning Thespian status is a tremendous honor and one that is highly celebrated at our end-of-year event.

Where do you perform?

We perform all over! Until we can secure our own theatre, we hold performances at multiple venues such as Jefferson College, the Elk’s, the VFW, Festus Schools, etc.